In 1960, Dr. Derrick Morton Wood broke ground on a sizable estate willed to him by his late grandfather. In his grandfather’s will, Dr. Wood was left specific instructions to “develop the greatest institutional facility for the betterment of the mentally ill”. Two years later, “Wood Asylum” opened its doors. Soon thereafter, it became the standard of care in the South. The asylum operated flawlessly until late October of 1966, when all official records of the “Wood Asylum” mysteriously ceased to exist.

A violent portal began to crack, tear, and sizzle open until Hell itself tore its way into the asylum. Monstrous entities from the inferno invaded what was once a place of hope. The land itself became sour, dead, and tainted by evils that, to this day, still reside inside. Though Dr. Derrick Morton Wood died a torturous death beyond words, his body remained and was reborn into the terrible entity now known as Dr. Deadwood. The name “Wood Asylum” was changed to “Deadwood Asylum” forevermore. Through extreme experiments and torture, residents and staff all subsequently died and were then reborn into creatures of pure evil. Torturous screams echoed throughout the asylum halls for decades. If you listen closely, you can still hear the blood-curdling screams of the foolish victims that dared to enter the place Hell calls home.